Communication Coaching and Public Relations (Publicity) Services.

Personal technology devices have turned us into short-hand communicators. Our personal, one-to-one communication skills, have become rusty, yet they are vital to personal and professional success. Brian coaches clients to hone their communication skills to become effective and persuasive communicators.

Through his publicity services, Brian consults with a range of clients to breakthrough the social and mainstream 'jungle' to get their stories to stand-out in the media. Decades of media and journalistic experience give him the edge to craft 'stories' which the media pick up.



How to become a Conversation Genius for Business or Social situations

The KEY to a successful conversation - professionally or socially, is to be PRESENT and to create RAPPORT. It begins by learning about ALL the dynamics which occur before, during and after a conversation. A vital element of course is knowing how to LISTEN.

Once you are open to this insight you will learn to listen so people talk and talk so people listen and act.

Success will come when you discover how to PREPARE for a conversation; how to be PRESENT, stand in your POWER and be PERSUASIVE. You will understand about body language, creating the right energy, the use of humour, pausing – the foundation for successful conversation.

Brian James is a Communication Coach and founder of Conversation Genius. He has developed a proven framework to transform you into a confident communicator in any environment.

He is available as a keynote speaker, for workshops or one-one-one mentoring sessions to release your hidden Conversation Genius.



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